About Me

Me and Elaine at our wedding

My name is George Ellis and I married my wife Elaine in the spring of 2011. I still remember the stress I had about giving my wedding speech in front of all my friends, family and coworkers, and worst of all my wife’s friends and family most of whom I didn’t even know that well. I was postponing writing my wedding speech for months until finally I couldn’t prolong it any further.

I spent hours upon a time just trying to think of things to say and make sure I could please everyone, so I was doing quite a bit of thinking and research about it back then. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go through the same ordeal as I still know many of the tips and tricks to writing good wedding speeches and sharing them with anyone who might be in the same situation was the most obvious thing I could do.

I do hope some of my articles and tips can be beneficial to you and help you write a really dazzling and memorable wedding speech!